Specialised Plastic Fabrication, Welding and Full Plant Design for the Chemical Treatment Industries

Environmental Control

S.Orlik Pty Ltd has over 30 Years experience in developing cleaner water treatment facilities.

We also boast about the highly advanced control system Environ 2018 Scada that allows complete control of Treatment Plants without the undue stress and operational involvement in maintaining water quality.

We have systems that have been recycling water up to 80% based on ZLD ( Zero Liquid Discharge). Applications are up too 2,2ML per Month.

Benefits of the Environ 2018 Scada

  • Fully AutomatBed and Integrated Control Software
  • Online Support and Control Reducing Expensive onsite support and downtime
  • Full Password Setup and Logging Facilities
  • Automatic Metering including Flow and Discharge
  • Customer Log In and Remote Monitoring Facility
  • Chemical Dose Order Notification to customer and supplier if Required.
  • Reduces stoppages and late delivery schedules.

 Plant Manufacturing

Pre Paint Process Lines

Deionisation Plants

Specialised Treatment Station Builds

Acid Resistant Extraction Fans

Fume Scrubbers and Ducting

Flexible PVC Chrome Tank Linnings

State of the art high efficiency Fumeless Pickling Lines

Manual Plating on Plastics Lines - POP

Automated Barrel Plating Lines

Automated Rack Plating Lines

Acid Resistant Tank Farms

Heat Exchanger Installations

Tank Liners and Effluent Facilities

Custom Tank Manufacturing 

Filter Press Manufacturing and Design 

Acid Resistant 

Fabrication of Plastics Liners Chemical Tanks Filters Chemical Pumps Effluent Plants