Specialised Plastic Fabrication, Welding and Full Plant Design for the Chemical Treatment Industries


Our vast knowledge of the Chemical Industry has made it possible 

Our vast knowledge of the Chemical Industry has made it possible for S.Orlik (Pty) Ltd to provide and implement top class supply of knowledge within the Plant Manufacturing sector.  Our projects have included:

Major Projects with Exact Plant and Production requirements have mainly been manufactured by our company and team. We have prided ourselves in ensuring the best quality and operation of our plants are always produced.

  • Automation that is Scada Driven and User Operable 
  • Fumeless Pickling Wire Lines 
  • Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Facilities 
  • Barrel Plating Lines 
  • Full Rack Plating Lines
  • Full Plating on Plastic Lines
  • Digital Rectification Saving Costs and Savings Payback in 24 Months  
  • Control Dosing Systems   
  • Deionisation Plants
  • Cooling Tower Control Systems and Chemicals   
  • Electrical Panel Building   
  • Filtration Units   
  • Full Plant Installation and Maintenance   
  • Scrubbers   
  • Mixing Equipment including Ribbon Blenders, Nauta Mixers. 


We offer professional and original designs created by our experienced team.  All designs are done from the ground up and there are no shortcuts.  Original designs by S.Orlik (Pty) Ltd.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and designs and are positive that this is viewed by the customer as well. 

Fabrication of Plastics Liners Chemical Tanks Filters Chemical Pumps Effluent Plants